Mark Alexander – Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Mark Alexander – Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Prime Innovator

Mark Alexander is our Vision Catalyst, the quintessential outsider – the fresh pair of eyes – who has the ability to see the big picture, to intuit what’s coming and to identify the next big opportunities that are often “hiding in plain sight” from those closer to the day-to-day action. He also has a remarkable ability to tap into and to awaken – or re-awaken – the ‘innovator-within’ our entrepreneurial business partners, their primary value to the ventures they build, buy, sell and run.

His breadth of experience ranges from global consumer brands to the middle-market specialty ingredient companies that supply them with their legitimacy, their appeal and their pricing power. He has also played pivotal brand repositioning and business expansion roles designed to trigger heightened states of explosive growth for a wide variety of promising companies at various critical stages – from energy to new media.

Previously, Mark headed up Business Development for US Interactive, (1997 to 2001) a leading e-business professional services company, where he tripled revenues in three years through new business from Toyota and Adidas as well as ‘start-ups’ such as Wholefoods and MP3 backed by solid alliances with SAP, IBM and Deloitte leading to a successful IPO.

Earlier in his career, he played key roles in generating substantial new revenue streams for established media and marketing companies faced with challenging transitions including Hearst and The New York Times Company. He was also part of the team at Rockbill that pioneered many of the new music and entertainment marketing practices that are today’s standards where he was instrumental in negotiating high-profile deals that married star celebrities (Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones) to leading global brands (Pepsi, Jovan) intent on capturing the youth market by captivating it.

Mark studied global history and literature as an undergraduate at Cornell University where he also co-founded and ran several successful start-up ventures targeting the youth market including a new music performance venue – The Unicorn – in downtown Ithaca that headlined some of the major up and coming artists of the time tied to a sponsorship and fulfillment marketing company – On Stage – that optimized the revenue potential of the avid new music fan base prevalent throughout the region.

Currently, he serves on the Boards of LinknetUS, (2013 to present) a game-changing media technology company dedicated to simplifying the complexities inherent in multi-media procurement, planning, buying and reporting through a superior, all-in-one automated process, and C2MediaSales, a ClearChannel Partner Company, (2013 to present) specializing in delivering major sponsorship-based, cross-platform campaigns for leading global consumer brands.