Public Companies

Expanded NYSE-listed Robbins & Meyers Inc. business reach and revenues through the development and execution of a strategic growth plan anchored on the creation of a new technology platform including the acquisition of Romaco Inc., a $150M pharmaceutical, health care, neutraceuticals and cosmetics secondary processing and packaging concern. Acquisition increased corporate revenues by 30% and its integration led to the creation of a $300M European enterprise that capitalized on key market adjacencies, improved operational effectiveness and delivered improved profits and cash flow.

Guided the management team of the $500M NYSE-listed Bush Boake Allen, Inc. (BBA) $175M European specialty chemical subsidiary to the successful adoption of a more innovative, flexible, transparent and accountable rapid-response operating and decision-making system that was better suited to remaining competitive in the rapid-change market sectors it inhabits resulting in enhanced performance and profitability that functioned as a key driver behind the successful sale of BBA to International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. for a 12.7x EBITDA multiple, transaction value of $946M and profitable investor exit.

Redefined Shell Oil Global Wind Energy business by successfully transforming, reforming and restructuring the enterprise basis a new strategy focused on growth market priorities and development, acute capital efficiency, effective human resource deployment and increased capital expenditure funding. Achieved a profitable revenue base, reduced global operating costs and improved operations uptime. Launched $250M U.S. wind farm project, started construction of $270M Dutch offshore wind farm and entered Chinese market.

Repositioned the $1.6 billion HEX-listed Cultor Inc. $450M specialty chemical subsidiary through a comprehensive consensus building campaign throughout the organization leading to a successfully executed global turnaround that included divestiture of non-core assets, revenue growth in new target markets of $60M, and overall EBIT growth from $13M to $33M within the first 12 months and to $45M in the next phase of the initiative that generated an improved Return on Capital Employed of 10% that ultimately paved the way to a successful acquisition by Danisco A/S at a premium valuation.

Transitioned NYSE-listed Pfizer Inc. France-based subsidiary from a commoditized supplier of chemicals into a global marketer of value-added specialty products and services. Restructured and consolidated 5 plants into 2, implemented a social plan that avoided union work stoppage and created a leaner cost structure. Re-engineered product line process deficiencies to improve margins, added new technology and key S&M skills and achieved revenue and EBIT growth of 2.5x and 6.9x respectively, catapulting the company from the #4 to the #2 market position.