Private Companies

Transformed private-equity owned specialty chemical company’s leadership and functional team with revenues approaching $100M into a more cohesive, market-driven, outwardly-facing, business-development organization better suited to spotting trends in a rapidly consolidating, complex industry resulting in the formation of a new market-leading brand in the Consumer Packaged Goods supply-chain. Created the change-strategy and carefully guided the plan to progressively increase the value of the assets and position the three (3) operating Divisions for eventual monetization. Realized ongoing revenue growth of 58%, expanded margins of 500 basis points and more than doubled EBITDA on the way to successful liquidity events.

Upgraded promising niche supplier of extensive lines of food colorants and release agents into a more comprehensive and diverse portfolio of essential resources from ingredient formulations to distributions resulting in a much broader and lucrative, target rich environment through a strategic acquisition campaign of its own resulting in its successful acquisition by a leading, pre-selected Private Equity partner earlier this year.

Recalibrated a regional supplier of key nutritional ingredients into a far more growth-prone global integrator that now functions to make markets between suppliers and customers world-wide through a coherent business expansion strategy relying on both organic growth and functional partnerships resulting in heightened interest with select portfolio and strategic investors.

Remodeled one of the largest, privately held, full-service, seed-to-shelf global suppliers of organic functional ingredients into a more profitable entity through the development of a central licensing division that markets its proprietary technology to other agribusiness partners around the world.