Milton Hernandez – Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Milton Hernandez – Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Prime Integrator

Milton Hernandez functions as our Strategic Lead, an ‘enterprise-strength’ corporate strategist, tactician and business architect. But first and foremost, he is a business executive known for transforming complex, multi-disciplinary teams of highly specialized, best-of-breed subject matter experts inside global corporations into elite, top-performing entrepreneurial units galvanized around common purposes and best configured and deployed to trigger unprecedented levels of success in shortest time intervals at acceptable risk.

A highly versatile global executive with a keen ability to intuit creative solutions to complex mission-critical issues and a leader of ‘elite/commando’ teams generating results quickly through visionary strategy and flawless execution, he is behind a string of land-mark, industry-defining successes in business creation, transformation, reformation and restructuring – from Shell Oil to Robbins & Myers to ExxonMobil to Eastman Kodak to Procter & Gamble. Milton brings deep category expertise and relevant experience that spans oil and gas, alternative energy, industrial equipment manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and specialty chemicals in both high-growth consumer and industrial sectors.

As President of Shell Coal Gasification Americas, President of Shell Wind Energy, President of Robbins & Myers Europe, President of ExxonMobil Argentina and Board Member of multiple Joint Ventures, he is uniquely skilled at forming coalitions with power elites — C-level operatives, Boards and the like — that are typically difficult to unify — tapping into their internal motivations beyond stated objectives that drive behavior and decision-making in order to foster efficient working coalitions that are desirable, functional and sustainable. As such, he is a masterful systems integrator of key human assets, energized around well-conceived strategies where all vital interests are represented and have a stake in mission success.

Milton is able to transfer a wealth of experiences and best practices in business creation and opportunity realization, developed and market-tested through numerous blue-ribbon engagements around the world in the global enterprise arena to the small-to-midsized high-growth sectors, thereby elevating these enterprises in terms of strategy, operational effectiveness and growth potential.

He earned his B.S. degree in Engineering from the University of Kentucky, completed INSEAD/Shell Senior Executive Program, completed Harvard/Shell Senior Negotiator Program and was certified by Personnel Decisions International/Shell
as Commercial Deal Leader.